Training with Justin was worth every penny… Shocked to be offered a job as a personal trainer during my fitness assessment because of all he taught me.

I decided to train with Justin after years of frustrating time in and out of the gym, working here and there with a trainer or two, going through cycles of “hard work”, seeing little to no results, and then giving up. I’ve struggled with low back pain/weakness for all of my adult life. This has prevented me from even attempting certain exercises like deadlifts or back squats for fear of further injuring myself. I chose to work with Justin in particular after observing him work with clients in the gym, working with a wide range of people and training techniques, not to mention how hard all the workouts looked. I was not disappointed. Training with Justin was worth every penny and is, hands down, one of the best decisions I’ve made in a long time. Over the course of the six-month training period, I lost 20 pounds of body fat, learned countless new exercises and training techniques, and gained a noticeable amount of strength. What I’m most happy with, however, is the knowledge I now have to continue progressing and improving thanks to him. In fact, I recently moved to a new city, forcing me to find a new gym, and was shocked to be offered a job as a personal trainer during my fitness assessment because of all he taught me. Justin is incredibly knowledgeable, observant, and knows how to coach people based on their need and skill level. His passion for helping people shows in every session and he’s super fun to work with, even when he’s kicking your ass.

High Points: 

  • Helped me achieve my weight loss goal while gaining strength
  • Provided realistic dietary guidance geared towards my body type and fitness goals
  • Created a training program specific to my personal fitness goals as well as any weaknesses/perceived injuries
  • I always felt safe training, adding weight, and trying new exercises because of his knowledge base and observant nature
Tracey K.