Fort Collins Personal Trainer Pricing:

Single session rate: $80

Fitness Trainer Packages:

Beginner: 8 sessions/month @ 2 sessions/week $560/month ($70/session).

Intermediate: 12 sessions/month @ 3 sessions/week $780/month ($65/session).

Advanced: 16 sessions/month @ 4 sessions/week $960/month ($60/session).

Premium Training Cycle: 36 sessions/3 months @ $1,800 ($50/session).

*Gym membership fee not included*


Personalized fitness training in Fort Collins — programs based on client’s goals, needs, strengths, and weaknesses.

Long-term fitness programs follow annual periodization which breaks training into seasonal cycles containing 3-4, four week-long phases. Strategic periodization allows the client to break through plateaus and continue progressing month after month.

Daily movement assessments.

Every exercise is performed under the sharpest supervision in personal training to ensure ultimate confidence in performance.

Dietary guidance.

Discover and utilize creative tools and strategies to keep your diet on track.

Biomechanical education.

Connect with your body and understand exactly how it operates so you will not only develop but also maintain skill in movement throughout your entire life.

Free-weight and calisthenic based strength training.

Master the barbell and body-weight training so you can literally train anywhere you go!

Education on self-myofascial release and mobilization techniques.

Learn how you can become your very own 5-star masseuse and mobilize restricted joints through manipulation and muscle lengthening. This invaluable knowledge put into practice is the key to true health, resilience, longevity, and autonomy. It’s just one more benefit our Fort Collins personal training program provides.

Metabolic conditioning and cardiovascular training.

Quickly incinerate calories and develop savage work capacity in shortest amount of time possible with the sharpest methods of High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT).