I founded Sharp Savage Fitness after years spent personal training and studying our fitness industry. In my study, I discovered 2 major problems that are all too common.

  1. Personal Trainers that have reached a respectable level of fitness and gain credibility based on their appearance. This particular population fails to assess the specific needs of the individual client and then runs them into the ground with brute and unbridled training methods. They may be able to build a car in a hurry, but it will inevitably break down sooner than expected.
  2. Personal Trainers that fail to walk the walk and live the lifestyle that they preach. In best cases, they are at least knowledgeable in what should be done but they haven’t actually done it themselves. They have every part to the car and they know each part by name but they can’t put the car together.

The quintessential union of precision and sheer grit is what sets Sharp Savage Fitness apart from everyone else. I’ve spent my life cultivating success in training. I began at rock bottom, overweight and ashamed, where I dropped 75lbsĀ in 3 months. I have since added and maintained 75lbs of lean muscle mass over the course of a decade through consistent training day in and day out. I’ve always been ferociously curious about the body and my curiosity sharpened in college when I began learning how to heal my body through accurate movement.

Diagnosed with Osgood-Schlatter Disease, I systematically trained my body and completely eliminated the chronic knee, ankle, and back pain I had suffered with since I was a child. After correcting my body my physical capability soared to new heights, which shifted my focus to athletic development where I began studying performance enhancement. My life’s mission is to spark fire and heal others through movement while guiding each individual through their desired goals as they upgrade their body composition and increase their athletic capabilities.

Become a Sharp Savage.

Justin M. Trammell